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Finally: Update of IMDb score calculations!

Good news for indie filmmakers that have their movies on IMDb!

As of today, IMDb has finally revised their calculation scheme for the IMDb score, which for films with few votes will now display the score as the arithmetic mean instead of the “mysterious” weighted average.
The problem has been known for a long time (I think it was more than 2 years ago that we first complained about this), but got increasingly worse because of misuse during the last months.


Site update and new projects

Today we updated this website a bit with galleries for most movies, extended descriptions, larger trailers and images, etc.

And we added three more projects that we supported or are working on:
Self Inflicted



We are proud to announce that we are now producers on “Zombificador”, a horror anthology to be directed by legendary “Godfather of Gore” himself – Herschell Gordon Lewis. That is – if we get enough money to fund the film. 🙂

You can check out the official Zombificador website here, or follow this project on Twitter and Facebook.

More news coming soon…


German premiere of Herschell Gordon Lewis’ lost films

PYLON.FM are proud to present the screening of two of Herschell Gordon Lewis long lost sexploitation gems from the late 60s as a German cinema premiere!


Project Update: HYBRID VIGOR

And yet another new entry on the projects page: HYBRID VIGOR, an awesome thriller currently being shot in Latvia. Check it out here.

Project Update: BID FOR MY LIFE

I just added another film to the projects page: BID FOR MY LIFE, an awesome documentary/experiment by the incredibly talented James Hamer-Morton. Check it out here.

Project Update: FONOTUNE

Finally our project page for FONOTUNE, our science-fiction arthouse feature film is up: Check it out here.

More press coverage of FONOTUNE

FONOTUNE, our ambitious sci-fi arthouse film still in production is currently featured on famous movie website TWITCHFILM. And the awesome site Zombiehamster also covered our new trailer and website already, look here. We have also been featured on Cinemaldito, Empty Kingdom, SLAM and Moviebreak.

Don’t forget to check out our Facebook page for this movie:
And of course the film’s dedicated homepage:

FONOTUNE – new website and trailer

Our sci-fi arthouse feature film FONOTUNE (project info on this page will follow shortly) has now a new website where you can also watch the brand-new teaser trailer for the film (which is currently still in production):