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Project Update: Hybrid Vigor

Wow, great news for “Hybrid Vigor”!

As you might know, we are associate producers on “Hybrid Vigor”, an entirely crowdfunded feature film shot on location in Latvia.

Last year a successful Kickstarter campaign allowed the shooting of the film in Latvia.
Now there is a crowdfunding campaign for raising the money to finish this movie in post-production – with a a truly Hollywood finish:



We are proud to bring Maike Brochaus’ “haeppchenweise”, a post-pornographic experiment that we helped to fund, for a limited cinema screening to Munich!
“Six people, one room, one night, one dinner, a lot of sensuality and much to discover. A film that shows how bodies and minds might meet, when allowed to.”

More info and a trailer in German here:
And in English here:

We will be showing it (in German language) at the “Werkstattkino” in Munich
(Fraunhoferstr. 9) from 07/07 to 07/10 each day at 10:30 pm.