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Pornfilmfestival Berlin / REMEDY

We had a marvelous time at the Pornfilmfestival Berlin last week!
We met lots of interesting people, especially creative film makers from all over the world. And some really good films to watch there! Of course the highlight for us: the premiere of REMEDY (that we co-produced) in presence of writer and director Cheyenne Picardo! The movie was received very well and we sold out twice, awesome!
Now, next stop for us is the Fetisch Film Festival in Kiel from Nov 28-30, again with a screening of REMEDY.

WORM @ Tallgrass

WORM was playing at the Tallgrass Film Festival last week and got some great reviews like this:
Keep your eyes and ears open, hopefully it will come to many more festivals soon!

Pornfilmfestival Berlin

From October 25th-27th, we will be at the Pornfilmfestival Berlin at the Kino Moviemento, showing support for several film projects we invested in, curated and backed last year:
– Oct 24, 3:15pm, Experimental Porn (feat. Mark Blackie’s “First Person Plural”)
– Oct 24, 5:15pm, Haeppchenweise
– Oct 25, 7pm, Remedy (WORLD PREMIERE!)
– Oct 26, 12:45, Haeppchenweise
– Oct 26, 1pm, Remedy (WORLD PREMIERE!)
– Oct 27, 11am, Experimental Porn (feat. Mark Blackie’s “First Person Plural”)

If anyone wants to meet us there, drop us a note!


Next week on Oct 25, there will by a talk by Toby at the renowned ANIMAGO AWARD / CONFERENCE in Berlin about the basic principles of crowdfunding and its risks and chances (in English). Among the questions he will answer are the following: What’s the best way to develop Crowdfunding concepts? How do you implement a Crowdfunding campaign? What are the potential risks or problems involved?