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REMEDY – German theatrical release!

And most excellent news about Remedy:
Starting tomorrow (Thursday, Jan 22), “Remedy” will get an official German theatrical release!
It will be screened in the following cinemas: B-WARE (Berlin), BROTFABRIK (Berlin), B-MOVIE (Hamburg), TRAUM-KINO (Kiel).
Later screenings will be at ORFEOS ERBEN (Frankfurt), WERKSTATTKINO (Munich) and other cities.

If you want to see it in your area, a good idea might be to enquire at your local cinema about it, maybe they will put it in their program if enough people ask for it 🙂 .


We are very happy to announce that we will once more organize and host the NACHTSCHATTEN BDSM/Fetisch Film Festival from June 19 – 25, 2015 in Munich, Germany!

A film festival that showcases international short and feature films that are specifically related to BDSM and fetish topics. Many award winning independent films from USA, Australia, Germany, etc. are shown. We will screen artful, experimental and documentary films from and for the BDSM scene and everyone interested in it! Films far beyond the stereotypical and distorted view on BDSM of the media and press, this festival wants to contribute to sexual education, variety, tolerance and acceptance of the BDSM lifestyle. And submissions are now open!
More info here:

Happy New Year!

Here we go again! Great opportunities await, and we hope to provide you with more interesting projects! Stay tuned!